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Our Mission

The Arts Society of Kingston (ASK), utilizing its organization, expertise, and facilities, acts as an umbrella to foster and promote the arts in Kingston and the Mid-Hudson Valley.

What is the Arts Society of Kingston?

  • An umbrella organization for all manner of artistic education and performance

  • A well-appointed venue, with two beautiful art galleries and a 99-seat performance space

  • The Great Room for the Arts performance space includes a stage, curtains, lights, a sound system, and a beautiful oak floor ideal for dancing

  • Gallery Openings each First Saturday of the month, 24 shows per year

  • Discounted rates on use of space for our members

  • Ample classroom space for classes or workshops

  • Members can benefit by seeking to realize an artistic vision at ASK with a specific project or exhibition.



Our History

Founded in 1995 by local artists in Kingston, NY, ASK today has grown to become a not-for-profit, 501c3, membership organization with over 300 members. Among ASK members you will find many talented, highly respected professional artists, as well as emerging artists and supporters of the arts.

In 2005, ASK acquired the building at 97 Broadway in Kingston and has been renovating it for use as its new headquarters, exhibition space and multi-arts center. In the Summer of 2015 we finished the renovation of the second floor of the building. Please see our Great Room page for more details.



Our Membership

What does ASK offer for visual artists?

ASK provides opportunities to promote their work through group and solo exhibitions at ASK: during the year, ASK hosts 10-12 members’ shows in one of its galleries at its headquarters at 97 Broadway near the Rondout in Kingston, as well as shows of featured artists at the same location and off-premises shows elsewhere in the area. ASK’s ground floor is handicapped accessible, and a chair lift aids visitors to ride up or down the stairs for classes or performances upstairs.

ASK supports arts education in schools and colleges: ASK has hosted shows by Kingston High School and elementary schools student artists, as well as shows by Bard, Marist College, SUNY New Paltz, and SUNY Ulster artists. ASK also regularly invites neighboring arts groups from the region to show at ASK, under the “Hello Neighbor” initiative.



What about the Performing Arts?

ASK is home to many performances including plays, musicals, dance, acoustic open mics, music performances, poetry readings and much more. ASK encourages members and non-members to bring their performances and productions to ASK. ASK curates a performing art series called ASK Presents. The ASK Great Room performance facilities, and the large classroom space are both excellent venues for a variety of artistic and educational initiatives.


Visit Us!

Open to the public Thursday – Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm.

ASK Timeline
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