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Your friendly fellow Catskill cat, Jon B Woodin is on the prowl, touring round the Hudson Valley area (and occasionally beyond) bringing his trusty guitar and a vast collection of all original music; genres ranging from light rock and blues, to folk and alternative country. Jon's work is heavily influenced by guitar playing artists like Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Jefrey Foucault and James Taylor.



Jude Roberts writes and performs evocative folk songs with authenticity and grace.  In an era where melody is conspicuously absent in much music, he makes it the focal point of his writing.

Jude’s sound is influenced by English, Irish and Appalachian folk music, with touches of baroque and Romantic-era classical pieces and European folk/pop.  A unique amalgam of style and talent, Jude Roberts draws the listener inward and invites them to dive deep.

“He fingerpicks with the delicacy, assurance and color of Nick Drake; sings with the bell-like clarity and gentle high end of a lost Finn brother; and writes Anglo- and pop-inflected folksongs with the offhand grace and deceptive sophistication of early James Taylor, Richard Thompson or Sir Paul himself.” - John Burdick, HV 1 Art and Music

Having traveled extensively throughout Europe for performance and pleasure, he launched a project leading music-focused retreats to Greece in October 2019. These tours will resume in 2024.



Insta: juderoberts_music

ASK doors open at 6pm for ticket-holders to get an exclusive preview of July art exhibitions while enjoying refreshments.


“Eclectic, immersive and mesmerizing; a guitarist and songwriter Hiroya Tsukamoto embodies the notion that music has no language: Beautifully raw and cathartically emotional, Tsukamoto is a world-renowned, self-made musician."


“Fingerpicking is delicate, fluid, and beautifully detailed" -Acoustic Guitar magazine


"HiroyaTsukamoto takes us to an impressionistic journey " -Boston Herald


"...chops, passion and warmth. Zealously recommended!"   -Jazz


Hiroya Tsukamoto is an innovative guitarist and composer who fuses folk,jazz, and world music. Born and raised in Japan, in 2000 he received a scholarship to Berklee College of music and came to the U.S.


Tsukamoto’s instrumental abilities are indeed breathtaking and astounding, but his performances are so much more than that.  He has the unique capability of engaging an audience thru a personable and genuine approach that transfixes his audience and almost transcends his capabilities as a guitarist. Audience members will be mesmerized; Tsukamoto plays with an effortless skill on the guitar and a repertoire that will have you traveling the world, not to mention experiencing new sounds with his own compositions.


Tsukamoto headlines concerts throughout the U.S. as well as internationally including Blue Note in NYC, United Nations and Japanese National Television (NHK). Most recently Hiroya won 2nd place in International Finger Style Guitar Championship in 2022.



Facebook Page:



YouTube Links:

1. No Matter How Far


2. Gemini Bridge

Hiroya Tsukamoto, Gemini Bridge

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July Choreo blue.png

The program this year promises to stretch the audience’s envelope as well. The line up is comprised of choreographers and dancers spanning a wide range of styles and techniques; primarily modern dance, contemporary ballet and cultural motifs.  A number of choreographers will be performing their work as solos, and others will work as duets and trios. Among this stellar group are: Laura Ward’s Octavia Cup Dance Theatre, Hillary Jackson, Dorcas Roman from California returning after a four year hiatus, and Jane Carney returning after a 3 year gap. Local to the Hudson Valley choreographers Arianna Noble with Bella O’Connell, will return with new pieces. Olivia Idella Martin from Mass returns with a new piece.  And returning to us this year are Sara Senecal, Laura Teeter and Haley Kwak.  Also back this year is clyde forth with another integrated dance/film piece.  New this year are Emily Gunter and Hannah Albin, both from the Albany area and Rachael Weber from the Berkshire area.  And just added today: Erin Jennings from the Erick Hawkins Dance Company, Sarah Chien who recently moved to the area and returning choreographer Hillary Jackson. This show promises to be an excellent showcase for the best that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

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